Space Textures


Stellar cosmos and nebula effects

6K video textures designed for cinematics and VFX.

  • 33 space video elements
  • 6K resolution for more control
  • Real in camera organic special effects

Stellar Video Textures for Cinematics

Explore Different Looks and Styles

33 Unique Video Elements

A variety of colors, looks, and movements.

Real Special Effects

Captured in camera for natural movement.

Ultra High Resolution

6K elements made to be upscaled.

Natural Details

The tiniest organic elements add realism.


6K Space Textures works with all your favorite tools.

Unreal Engine

Adobe After Effects CC


DaVinci Resolve

Also compatible with Premiere Pro, Maya, Nuke, Final Cut Pro, Avid, Fusion, and more

How Does It Work?

Every space texture is delivered as an mp4 video file. You can use them as easy as importing them into your timeline and layering and compositing shots.

You can also convert them into JPEG sequences and use them in a variety of programs as stills or moving images. Where these elements really shine is in game engines, 3D software, and compositing tools.

Unreal Cinematics

Create and render inside of Unreal Engine 5.

Work in 2D or 3D

These elements can be used in tools like After Effects or Blender.

Elements You Will Actually Use

So many ways to use Space Textures.

6K Resolution

6144 x 3240

H.265 MP4

4.05 GB file size


Shot for easy layering

Royalty Free

Unlimited use


Your questions answered.

Professional Training Included

Your guide to getting started. Don’t know how? Pro training is included.

Premiere Pro

After Effects

Final Cut Pro