Paranormal Glitch Titles | Free Premiere Pro Motion Graphics Template

Instantly create movie title slates in Premiere Pro with this free motion graphics template.

Ready to start promoting your paranormal movie or action film? This easy-to-use Premiere Pro template helps you create high-end trailer slates, and it’s FREE! That’s right. Free to use in personal or commercial projects. Paranormal Glitch is a free motion graphics template (mogrt) that you can use to create glitchy titles. Just add the template to your Premiere Pro timeline and customize your titles all inside of Premiere Pro – no After Effects needed!

Easy to Customize Looks

Just use the built in menus and checkboxes to turn on and off features, or tweak the text font, size, or color.

Animated Glitch

Built-in for simplicity and ease.

Paranormal Glitch Titles - Glitch Effect

Custom Colors

Choose the perfect color for your titles.

Paranormal Glitch Titles - Custom Colors

Any Text and Font

Pick from all your favorites.

Paranormal Glitch Titles - Custom Font and Text

VHS Effects

Analog textures with the click of a button.

Paranormal Glitch Titles - VHS Effect

Download The Free Premiere Pro Template

Click below to download the free motion graphics template (mogrt) for Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

By downloading, you agree to the Film Bodega Terms of Service. These video elements can be used in any personal or commercial projects, no credit is required. We do not offer technical support on free downloads.

NOTE: Mogrts are only compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud, use the latest version for the best results.

How to Use This Free Premiere Pro Template

There is no way to sugar coat this. Given the intensive effects applied to the animation, background, and rough text, depending on your setting this can take a few minutes to render. That’s just the cost of bringing heavy After Effects tools into Premiere Pro. That said, the results are fantastic and it would take just as long to export if a professional motion designer made these for you.

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This mogrt is built for Premiere Pro, and is only compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC. If you are prompted to install After Effects, you merely need to have it installed on your machine. You do not need to open Ae. If your CC subscription does not include After Effects, you can download the included Trial version and this Premiere Pro mogrt will still work.

1. Download and Unzip The Folder

After downloading the file above, unzip the folder in your Downloads folder.

2. Open Premiere Pro Essential Graphics Panel

Free Trailer Titles | Free Premiere Pro Motion Graphics Template - Essential Graphics Panel

Inside of Premiere Pro, open the Essential Graphics Panel. If you can’t find the panel, go to Window > Essential Graphics.

3. Add the FREE Paranormal Glitch template to your library

Free Trailer Titles | Free Premiere Pro Motion Graphics Template - Essential Graphics Panel Import

At the bottom of your Essential Graphics panel, click on the “Install Motion Graphics template” icon in the bottom right corner. Navigate to your download and select the “Paranormal Glitch Slate” MOGRT file.

4. Drag and drop the template onto your Premiere Pro timeline

Free Glitch Trailer Titles | Free Premiere Pro Motion Graphics Template - Drag and Drop

Add the animated titles to your timeline. (The template is defaulted to 1920×1080 but can be scaled up or resized for 4K, vertical videos, and more.)

5. Customize text, font, colors, and more

Free Glitch Trailer Titles | Free Premiere Pro Motion Graphics Template - Customize

In the Essential Graphics panel you can change all of the following controls:

  • Top Text
    • Font
    • Font Style
    • Text Size
    • Position
    • Opacity
    • Tracking
  • Bottom Text
    • Font
    • Font Style
    • Text Size
    • Position
    • Opacity
    • Tracking
  • Style Options
    • Flash On/Off
    • VHS Look
    • Color
    • Text Fuzziness
    • Glitch Noise Scale
    • Glow On/Off
      • Glow Threshold
      • Glow Radius
      • Glow Intensity

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