Make Glitch Graphics Using AI and Free Premiere Pro Templates

Learn how to create your own custom glitch graphics and trailer backgrounds using Artbreeder AI and free Adobe Premiere Pro templates.

As someone who has honestly cut so many trailers I can’t even keep track of them, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I still use all of the time in almost every edit.

I put together a quick tutorial to show you how, and you can find links to all the tools I mention down below.

Artbreeder (FREE + Paid Upgrades)

One of my favorite emerging tools is called Artbreeder. It’s an AI driven platform that blends and creates unique images and videos by meshing and remixing different source clips together. Getting started is free with the starter plan, and if you end up using this tool a lot, you can upgrade to a paid plan for less than $10.

Make Glitch Graphics Using AI and Free Premiere Pro Templates - Artbreeder

Artbreeder is used to create everything from faces to abstract visual elements that can be used in so many different ways. For this glitch tutorial I chose to create an animated album cover by plugging in 7 unique elements which were then blended or “breeded” into one animation to use in this trailer.

You can just bring the generated animation into your Premiere Pro timeline and then add all sorts of effects and blend modes to dial in the look or push it further into noise.

Paranormal Glitch Premiere Pro Template (FREE)

These paranormal glitch titles are just a drag-and-drop motion graphics template for Premiere Pro. There are a few looks my clients are always looking for, so I started building templates I could just use over and over again. You can download this template for free.

Horror Trailer Premiere Pro Titles (FREE)

Creepy and moody animated titles you can also use for free inside of Premiere Pro. This mogrt has even more customizable options to create popular thriller looks.

SuperMOGRT ($15)

SuperMOGRT is a Film Bodega Premiere Pro template that was built to make hundreds of different animated titles in the convenience of a single file. You can customize all your text and fonts and then animate with over a dozen different options like glitch, repeater, flickers, slides, and more. You can also add shapes and different style effects like wiggles, gradients, and stop motion effects.