A Hack for 3D Scanning Shiny Surfaces + FREE Vintage Camera 3D Models

Shiny reflective surfaces are some of the hardest to scan. It’s difficult for 3D apps to recreate the geometry in 3D space.

I had an idea to create a scene in a dusty and abandoned location, so I figured I could probably dull and dust up the objects before I scanned them. If the objects were dusty, it would offer additional points of reference during the scan.

You can use some clear Krylon Dulling Spray, but in my case, I only had some hairspray available. So I sprayed down my objects and then rubbed some toilet paper until I created some dusty little specs and attached them to the object. To my amazement, this totally worked!

With some good lighting, I was able to get some really good scans. I took the photos into Adobe Lightroom to remove some contrast, and then I uploaded them to Polycam.

Download Free Project Files

Want to play with these models I scanned? Download the free blend file and FBX.

By downloading, you agree to the Film Bodega Terms of Service. These video elements can be used in any personal or commercial projects, no credit is required. We do not offer technical support on free downloads.

As for my objects, I just used some rubbing alcohol and was able to wipe everything back down after I was done.

As for the models I was able to use them in both Blender and Unreal Engine. I created a little abandoned film studio and I love the way everything came together.

Dust That’s Better than Toilet Paper

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